Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Are you the #RightTWIX or #LeftTWIX ?

People always ask us... how do we get along so well being identical twins? and do we ever fight? Well, we are similar, yet different and love the same things! But one thing’s for sure, having our favourite sides has definitely helped our sisterhood and friendship. It allowed us not to argue as much because we have always had our dedicated sides. When we share a TWIX, Cailli is always the #RightTWIX and Sam is always the #LeftTWIX. Here is why Sam always chooses the left side and Cailli always chooses the right side! 
 photo Instagram1 and blog-TWIX-beckermanblog-girls-lefttwix-righttwix_zpskaw4csgj.jpg
Sam- Even though we are identical twins we still have our differences. Especially when putting on makeup! I like to do my eye makeup first on the left. Cailli always starts with her right eye first. But obviously my way is the better way... lol! At least my eye liner goes on straight!
 photo Instagram3 and blog-TWIX-sambeckerman-lefttwix-makeup-beckermanblog_zpswwo7v30t.jpg
Cailli- Well, I always sleep on the right side of the bed. It's the better side for sure! We travel a lot and sometimes we end up in a hotel that only has one bed and we need to share. Instead of fighting about it... we figure out the situation really fast. Who knows, maybe we were on these sides in the womb! lol! Hahah! So why do I sleep on the right side? Because it super comfy and cozy and it's the right side! And it's the BEST SIDE!
 photo Blog2-TWIX-caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-righttwix_zpsp5xmkrre.jpg
Sam- When we are on photoshoots, we always ask hairstylists what side (left or right) looks better for our hair, for a side flip, ponytail or braid and they always tell me flip left. It just looks better with the shape of my face. And they tell Cailli to flip right. Who knows if they are really telling the truth... or just know how much we love our "SIDES"!
 photo Twix PicforinstagramandBlog-HairFlip_zps204lso4a.jpg
 photo Twix pic forBlog-BeckermanBlog_zps2n7egigm.jpg  photo Pic forBlogTwix Pic-_zpshqtumygz.jpg
Cailli- We take a lot of photos and selfies together and Sam is 2.5 inches taller than me. First of all, that doesn't make her side any better, it just makes her look like a giant when she stands next to me. So, I always stand on her right...it just looks better and makes us look more the same height. It just feels right...get it? lol! 

Which side are you? Are you the #LeftTWIX or are you the #RightTWIX? Check out http://twixstudy.tumblr.com/ to help you decide!
 photo Blog1-TWIX-beckermanblog-toronto-righttwix-lefttwix_zpsdk85zret.jpg
Thank you Twix for sponsoring this post. 

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tiffany and Co. HardWear Launch Event in Toronto! #TiffanyHardwear

We teamed up with Tiffany& Co. and The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard to host the #TiffanyHardWear Collection party in Toronto. All of our friends and media came to join us and celebrate! The whole collection is so gorgeous and super edgy. It was at the East Room in Toronto, Canada where the new collection was on display where everyone was sipping on champagne, eating delicious hor d'oeuvres, and trying on jewerly! The #TiffanyHardwear Collection is so rocker chic and lady-like at the same time. Lady Gaga is the face of their campaign, so it's a fearless and modern glam Collection! We're obsessed! Our favourite pieces are the Wrap necklace that has a wrecking ball and lock that hang gracefully from the chain, the, Wrap Bracelet, and the Ball Bypass Bracelet. We love layering jewelry and stacked the Ball rings and the Ball Dangle rings together. Here's some of our favourite looks...and us getting ready for the event with our glam squad. Photos by: Kayla Rocca, Hair: Cia Mandarello, Makeup: Susana Hong
   photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-9.j_zpskxbzpytv.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-2.j_zpsu0wtgu6h.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-6.j_zpsv2e8a1cu.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-11.j_zps2nn9ltiv.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-3.j_zpsfn3fisu5.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-4.j_zpsly4e2orz.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-1_zpsby1m2vhp.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-010.j_zpsckdesddd.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-5.j_zpsysyj1xvg.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-7.j_zps491hmdnq.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-8.j_zpsg9fjpkn0.jpg  photo IMG_6149_zpsbuy1qxxs.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-12.j_zps9exrfwun.jpg  photo TiffanyandCo-TiffanyHardwear-BeckermanBlog-13.j_zpsyv9h28q2.jpg Pin It Now!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sam- Tweed + Rainbow

 photo samanthabeckerman-sambeckerman-fashionblogger-streetstyle-_zpszktk6jba.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-sam-toronto-streetstyle-blogger-canada-fashion_zpsor3sqerb.jpg  photo laurenceandchico-beckerman-samantha_zpsty4xsciu.jpg  photo streetstyle-beckermans-sisters-twins-beckermanblog_zpsnijme0sa.jpg  photo wantlesessentiels-demiranda-crossbody-canada-toronto_zpsm960eyyp.jpg  photo alicandoliviashoes-alxvndrajeans-denim-shopsuperstreet-toronto_zpsikg753lw.jpg  photo wantlesessentielsbag-laurenceandchicotweedjacket-canada-beckermanblog_zpsjvgalyf9.jpg

Coat- Laurence & Chico long red jacket
Blouse- H&M lace top
Jeans- Alxvndra jeans from ShopSuperStreet (similar here or here)
Bag- Want les Essentiels Demiranda Bag
Earrings- Hoops (similar here)
Boots- Rainbow Alice and Olivia boots (similar rainbow sandals here)

The Look: Tweed + Rainbow

Fun Fact:  During New York Fashion Week, we went to the Laurence and Chico presentation and were totally blown away! We love hearing about new Canadian designers and became fast friends with this duo! Today I'm wearing Laurence and Chico's tweed jacket that is encrusted with rainbow jewels all over! It's brilliantly designed with mesh, criss cross and a whole lotta badass. My bag is also made by my Canadian twin friends Byron and Dexter who make the chicest bags of them all. This is their new creation, the Demiranda bag where the three compartments hold everything. I'm obsessed how the zippers have both silver and gold teeth, if you look closely....OBSESSED!

Shop This Look:

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Last Days at the Beach!

Last days at the Beach! We were inspired by Marilyn Monroe's last and final photoshoot on the beach from 1962 on the Santa Monica Pier. There is only one photographer who can capture the essence of Marilyn mixed with our kinda vibe... it's our amazing friend and super talented photographer Jaclyn Locke.  We are wearing CHANEL Spring 2017 collection mixed with Mikhael Kale.
 photo Beck_March_Chanel0139F2_zps7e8xuzap.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0173F2_zps0p1zrfma.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0123F2_zpsmqtq2m9m.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0253F2_zpss2xcgzrj.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0229F2_zpsmjdberlf.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0260F2_zps57yqahgg.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0050F2crop_zpsgynvuxxv.jpg  photo Beck_March_Chanel0057F2_zpskomtv0nc.jpg Pin It Now!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

H&M Spring 2017 #HMSTUDIO in Paris

The H&M show was last night in Paris and we joined them at their amazing collection! Pink, Black and White were the main colours of inspiration and the collection had a ballet/sporty feel. We fell in love with the long white dress, the pink parachute jackets, the LOVE sweaters and the slip on ballet slippers. The coolest thing was that it is a See now- Buy Now collection. So right after the runway show, the Pop up Shop was open to purchase goodies directly from the runway! It was sooo exciting!!!! The Collection launches today in H&M Stores worldwide, so make sure to pop in and get your pieces directly from the runway. The surprise guest last night was The Weeknd! He was incredible and we danced the night away in Paris with all of our friends and our runway pieces in one hand!
 photo FullSizeRender_zpscy64p1tm.jpg  photo IMG_6337_zpspwfu6kx3.jpg  photo IMG_6338_zpsdqxctelo.jpg  photo IMG_6339_zpssevfnn12.jpg  photo IMG_6340_zpsyuc3azxt.jpg  photo IMG_6347_zpsayrzbpuy.jpg photo IMG_6346_zpsia01xscl.jpg  photo IMG_6345_zpsq1cm0fni.jpg  photo IMG_6343_zpsaymespw9.jpg  photo IMG_6342_zpsjmmwpqjs.jpg  photo IMG_6301_zpsfei6rt4v.jpg  photo IMG_6302_zpsrpsqiiww.jpg  photo IMG_6341_zps35jafbef.jpg  photo IMG_6331_zpsmspxuu86.jpg
A post shared by Cailli Beckerman Sam Beckerman (@beckermanblog) on

A post shared by Cailli Beckerman Sam Beckerman (@beckermanblog) on
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